@ss Balls!

I am looking over the accounting vignette for Mock Exam 1. I won’t go into further detail but all I can say at this time is: @SS BALLS!!!

yeah that was absurd…they really pulled all that crap out of their arses

Is there a thread on this. As I like to go over a couple questions. Even the ones I got right I have a bone to pick.

I don’t know if this is the equivalent… but I just did Book 6 Exam 2 AM and I’m staring at the second vignette yelling WTF for 10 minutes. I finally figured some of it out when I came back to it but I still ended up with just a 62. I think for the real deal so much of passing is going to be not losing our cool when we get hit by a vignette where we have no idea where to begin. I’m giving passing a 40% chance and second the @ss Balls sentiment.

intercorporate investments? start one…

The title of this thread would be great to start a intercorp investments thread…

I am.

What was wrong with the accounting in the mock? I haven’t taken it yet, so I don’t want details…just real hard…or real tricky?

they made it pretty tricky for an intercorporate investments question… this is generally a part of fsa that i find relatively easier, but they did a couple of things to throw you off. i won’t elaborate, since you havent’ taken it yet.