Hi, Headsup, I study from Schweser Two part question here… A) Just got a link off another thread ( to the latest Standards of Practice Handbook. Do I have to read this in addition to the Schweser notes?I totally cracked the Schweser notes(confidence booster) but this seems a lot more in depth. Is it worth the time?Do note that I’ve JUST started… :slight_smile: B)Under GIPS, all private equity investments are to be valued(except…) as per Appendix D. Do I need to read this Appendix D(I don’t think so) and where do I find it?

You aint reading from CFA HandBooks ? By the way you are just reading every page or making any notes?

A) You should definitely read the Handbook 2 or 3 times before the exam. I think even schweser suggests that the CFAI material should be used for ethics. This is one section where you don’t want to cut corners. B) I don’t think you need to read Appendix D, but I am not sure because I took it in '07.

Groan…was hoping you guys wouldn’t say that!!But you’re right…this is one section where I wouldn’t wanna cut ANY corners!! And nope…not making any notes, just reading each page. Underlining relevant bits if that means anything… Thanx for the assist…