SS5 (R20~R22)

I noticed currently there are “Don’t miss this thread:” & “Don’t miss this (PDF)” on this forum, both mix-up every reading together. The ideas are very good because they are very helpful and we can help each other. However, in order to organize these threads to be more systematic and convenient for all of us to search as well as study, I suggest to divide the threads into 18 sessions according to CFAI curriculum as follows. SS1 (R1~R2), SS2 (R3~R6), SS3 (R7~R13), SS4 (R14~R19), SS5 (R20~R22), SS6 (R23), SS7 (R24~R25), SS8 (R26~R27), SS9 (R28~R29), SS10 (R30~R31), SS11 (R32), SS12 (R33~R35), SS13 (R36~R38), SS14 (R39~R40), SS15 (R41~R43), SS16 (R44~R45), SS17 (R46~R47), SS18 (R48). For those threads already posted in “Don’t miss this the thread:” & “Don’t miss this (PDF)”, I will like to request the authors to kindly move their threads to the corresponding session.

Please disregard this post and go to another post tiltled : Threads SS5 (R20~R22).


Please go to another post tiltled : Threads SS5 (R20~R22).

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