Like PM, I think this could be a silent killer. I just read some ppl are planning on punting this material. I suggest you read Reading 30 from the actual CFAi books - you should be fine. Its not tough, but the material is important and highly testable.

as Banya put it… “This stuff is GOLD Jerry!! GOLD!”

The mug is round, the jar is round. They should call it round-tene.

Ovaltine? It should be called Roundtine.

HA…Nibs we wrote that at the same time…

what is SS7?

study session seven, specifically FSA synthesis. I agree with his analysis. I was going to rely on seeing enough practice questions to get this down but i think a once read through might pay dividends on exam day.

there is sooooooo many ways they could use FSA synthesis to play with our minds that its nearly impossible to get it all. I just hope AF crew passes - all of us because we deserve it.

in some ways, there isn’t that much there. alot seems subjective… comprehensive income for sure.

oh yeah, and CFAi never tests anything subjective… ETHICS, Porters, IPS, etc…

i just wana say the 07 version of SS7 is a mega session. they cut down dramatically in favor of alternative investment, time series and other ss. if they pull the old tricks on us… we r foked

i think re-reading that section makes a lot of sense (on to the white-board it goes!). i think we have done a problems that test FSA and would probably be a good review to pull everything together…

I’m going to re-read Reading 30 on Thursday.