SS9 = Bain of my existence

Wow. This is getting rough.

SS9 is absolute nightmare, it`s been killing me for 2 weeks now…

It is by far the hardest SS. Keep at it, you’ll get it.

bane? or a play on bain capital?

no shit…im trudging through it but man on man…its killing my confidence levels!

I finished it last week woooh! Took me 2 weeks slogging through the CFA texts and problems.

isura did you use schweser at all for ss9?

Only for concept check questions and occasional reference.

I called a halt as I was stalling, should finish Alternative investments this week, then back to FSA and good old SS9 !

Had nightmare with SS9. So stopped reading it and now working on Quants/ corporate Finance. Will get back to it in a week.

“what’s ss9? i don’t have my books w/ me” Edit: Doh, nevermind… im in the wrong forum. phew, don’t have to worry about this “nightmare” anymore.

I agree with all the above posts. As I haven’t taken any practice tests yet, does anyone have any idea how much of an importance this section will be come test time?

you gotta know this material inside and out -peter olinto

i have a distinct feeling that SS9 is going to RULE the FSA part of the exam. I am reading this section once and doing all the CFAI questions at the end. (as i have been with all sections). SS9 and ETHICS will be my week before the exam in depth re-review. everything else i’ve seen and am confident with, but outside of fincial accounting and managerial accounting, ALL of SS9 is basically new (save for depreciation and stuff like that). FSA will be the deciding factor on this exam for me. I’m manning up.

Whew, I thought I was the only one going nuts over long term assets and income taxes. I had to read the Stalla guide 3 times before things started clicking. And I didn’t even touch on Off BS activities, which I should be able to get to tomorrow.

Terribly draining section and slow me up a lot…