St James Place Wealth Management?

Hi guys, just curious if anyone here has heard of SJP? They sound more like a fund of funds though. Just wondering what the exit opps etc are from joining a big wealth manager like these guys?

I haven’t heard of them (but I’m in Canada). It looks like you would be considering a career as a Financial Advisor if you were looking at this firm. I’m not sure if you are a recent grad or have been working for a few years and looking to change careers. This is typically not the type of job that you would want to do simply for a few years and then move on to something else - as you work for yourself and build a business.

Part of the Lloyds Banking Group plc. Its the PB arm of HBOS. I think they’re running it down as part of the non-core.

If you want to be a relationship manager/financial advisor/sales then this is a good place to work in UK. One of the few places which pays comissions after RDR because it’s their own products - they used this to attract the top advisors after RDR and is a big reason why the share price has done well in recent years and they eventually got uplisted to the FTSE 100.

But if you’re wanting investment analysis/investment management then look elsewhere. These guys run a centralised buylist of funds. If you work for SJP you cannot choose anything apart from the funds approved by their “asset management” team i.e. you have no freedom when even choosing collectives. I looked at them back in the day and realised it wasn’t for me after finding this out.