St. Louis Style Bagel?

Ever seen one cut like that? what the hell?

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

isnt that just a cut up panera bagel

Tell me why Ain’t nothing but a mistake Tell me why I never want to hear you say I want it that way

When it’s cut like a loaf of bread, makes sense how a (not small) bagel could easily have 500 calories…


It’s called cutting carbs. . .


If he had brought some smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and diced red onion, I might have been charitable enough to overlook the weird slicing.


I don’t really get the hype about bagels.

also, has anyone ever eaten anything from panera and thought ‘that was nice’ afterwards? how is that place still open

I’m not a fan of Panera, but some folks are crazy about it. It’s also really popular with the kids. My daughter and her friends do study groups there. Basically it’s really old people and kids.

gen z are really starting to scare me with how unpredictable they are about the things they like. Chunky white Fila trainers, not drinking and now panera?

yea my gen z cousin just came to hang out yesterday asking for general advice in life.

  1. i told him to major in IT

  2. holla at hoes

  3. once he turns 21, go to vegas and party nonstop.

Time for a game. Kill, Marry, sleep with - Panera, Jimmy John’s, Jack In the Box?


is your cuz an indian?

lol is tech different from it? had no idea

You major in CS or engineering, not tech or IT. Well, I guess there are IT majors, but they tend to be vocational degrees where you actually do IT support.

Lol. Some people are expect me to know how to fix their printer or whatever just cause I know CS.

But IT is more like plumbing they just earn less.