St. Petersburg/Tampa Area

I’m fairly confident that I passed Level III and was wondering if anyone worked and/or had connections in the St. Pete/Tampa area. I’m currently working as a commercial credit underwriter and am looking to transition into either Wealth Management (as a Jr PM) or as a Private Equity Analyst.

Any direction is greatly appreciated!

There isn’t a lot. I am trying to go to Miami. However, I can maybe talk to some people for you.

It’s the new San Fernando Valley of the adult film industry. Maybe Bang Bros needs a CFO?

Raymond James is in Tampa/St. Pete. I would start there.

Fun party game is to watch Bang Bus with friends and try to identify the streets where the van passes. It’s good for client events.

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If you are fairly junior, RJ is a good resume boost if you plan on remaining in the southeast. However, the pay is below average and the culture is conservative and has a pretty corporate feel to it. I worked there for a year.

Depends. I work with RJ and the guys that run AMS do all right. And their SS is pretty well respected, but it is still SS.

Fair enough. I did not work in AMS so I cannot speak to their salaries, I was in Alts. Yeah they have a couple rockstar analysts supposedly.