Stall "The System" effectiveness?

Has anyone used the Stalla “The System” study classes to take level one. It is fairly pricey. What do you think of it?

Hey, I’m a level 1 candidate and I’m using the Stalla package. My only regret is not buying it until I had already slugged through the first three sections through reading the curriculum. So far, Stalla has seemed very effective - I ordered the CD-video version (which you get a $200 discount for), and to me, it’s made studying a lot faster. The problem I had with the reading is that every couple pages, there would be a concept I’d get a little hung up on trying to interpret, usually due to lack of explanation in the readings. With the vidoes, they seem to do a good job explaining why certain formulas or concepts work, which is infinitely more valuable then just memorizing formulas. In short I recommend it…it’s expensive, but it actually saves me a lot of time studying as the time I spend is more effective. That’s pretty important to a young professional IMO, but I guess it’s up to you.