Stalla being cruel

So on the Stalla Passmaster software, there’s a nice long Treynor Black problem where you’re asked to calculate the optimal portfolio given Beta, Info Ratio, and Appraisal Ratio (you’re doing ok if you even know what IR and AR are used for). At the end of the VERY long answer filled with 8+ different formulas is this: ** Note: You should have figured out within 4 minutes that you either had no idea how to do this problem, or that it was going to take too much time to solve. At that point, you should have skipped the problem and returned to it later, or simply guessed at an answer and moved on. If you spent 4 minutes or more trying to figure out this problem, you failed the judgment test. Never spend large amounts of time trying to figure out the unfigureoutable! If you guessed after about 3 minutes, give yourself a gold star for having “test smarts.” ** I’m beyond words, just lol

unfigureoutable --> that pretty much sums up why none of us use Stalla.

that is awesome

jeremyb Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > that is awesome Exactly my thoughts haha.

Hahahahahaha that’s great. Thanks for the post.

i actually like stalla, but whatever works for everyone is the best.


how many gold stars do you get if you pause the timer on passmaster, solve the problem, and resume?

3_letters Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > unfigureoutable --> that pretty much sums up why > none of us use Stalla. Nah, Stalla has been quite useful, esp the video lectures. Just this one question was off the charts in terms of complexity. More than possible that a similar scenario appears on the actual exam though, CFAI doesn’t want set a bad example and allow perfect scores.

I’m a stalla user too, i quite like it…so far anyways. we’ll see come august if it helped me achieve the result i want!

Just to let you guys know there was a whole item set on the Treynor Black that most people failed, taht is why you’re seeing it.

yea i think stalla is covering their butt on this one. i saw those in the passmaster yesterday. video is the whole reason i use stalla. peter ollinto did a lot of the Qs in the mock exam this year - he gets into sooooo much detail. its quite helpful.

But I’m going to ruin your hopes, he doesnt show up for L3, I was disappointed…

i know that is quite disappointing - i was talking with a former NY stalla L3 instructor last week he still spoke highly of their materials. for me, if i am successful for L2, i won’t want to screw up with my formula.

i bet bob stalla wrote that question himself i got tired of his lectures after hearing, “blah blah is easy. blah blah is basic” too many times for level 1