Stalla Course

Did anyone use any stalla courses like the live, online, or CD courses? Or did anyone attend their 2 day seminars? I’m debating using their services for Level II and want to know any success/failure stories before I drop 1600 dollars. Thanks Brad

course was okey not sure how much I got out of it (but depended on which prof was teaching) . CD’s with peter Olinto are amazing & I would def suggest the two day seminar. You do a mock exam and then take it up for the rest of the weekend…but they really add value not just give you the answers. disclosure: I did not pass! so take it for whats its worth, but you have to take responsibility for your failures at some point!

I signed up for the live classes. It wasn’t much help, its more to keep you on track than anything else. The video was very helpful on the key areas cause I don’t have a f inance background but if you do it mightn’t be quite useful. I failed though…

I used Stalla for Level I and II and passed both…I used the classroom version but to be honest the cd lectures are the best. Peter and David really do a great job…I would strongly suggest you do the CFAI practice exams in addition to the Stalla program as they are very similar to the exam…but you can pass with Stalla only (not CFAI books) and the material is all covered except for the obscure questions which will appear on the exam (like the BOP question in 2008) but if you nail the other stuff, you can still pass using Stalla.

I used the Stalla CD’s for both level I & II, and passed both on the first try. Over all I thought Stalla did a good job. The leactures with Peter Olinto where top notch. I thought the level II practuce exams from stalla where a little on the easy side, they should have made them tougher. Actually the main reason I picked Stalla was that I had used Becker (same company) for my CPA exam, and Peter Olinto taught for Becker as well. For what its worth I plan on using Stalla again for level III. MZ

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the feedback. Looks like I’ll pony up the money for the CDs. Take care, Brad