Stalla 'Essential Facts & Formulas'

Any comparision on the following two: 1) Stalla ‘Essential Facts & Formulas’ 2)Schweser’s QuickSheet I have Schweser’s QuickSheet, but it is only 6 pages of formulae and wondering if stalla ‘Essential Facts & Formulas’ is any better (or complements to schweser quicksheet).

I’m looking for a related thing; flashcards. Which set is the best?

My “guess” is flash cards is for broad overview (LOC related concepts) and they are not meant for last month preparation.

I just received my Stalla Essential Facts & Formulas. After a 5-min brief overview I would say its mediocre at best. But Im hoping Im wrong. I’ll probably pick up the Elan Guides 11th hour review cuz it was legit for l1.

starvinmarvin: how many pages is stalla essential facts and formula? I know schweser quicksheet is 6 page laminated sheet

125 pages. It is much better than schweser quicksheet my friend.

thanks starvinmarvin.

Ur welcome. After going through it a little more, I like it a lot more. I would definitely buy it again and recommend it.

I LOVED Schweser’s secret sauce for level1. I just received my level 2 and although I have not looked through it completely it is about 200 pages and will I plan on keeping it on me everywhere I go :slight_smile: