Stalla Exam #1

Well took me 1hr 20 min to complete morning section, scored myself roughly a 60%, but I excluded the part on Commodity vs IR SWAPS as that whole LOS has been removed. PM Section took me an hour, got a 83%. Made some stupid mistakes by answering say most vs least or something like that. Don’t really feel like doing anything else right now :frowning:

what’s wrong with 83% on your first test ?

nothing, just don’t feel like doing anything else :frowning:

looks like somebody is ready for the reall deal… I"m just sayin. take a break

Not ready, as they could test all the crap I still dont know, I consider it Luck. I did take a break, took my dog to the dog park, now time to do some SS#12 problems and I’m calling it a day…I think we need to remember to give our minds a break, if you can…

Found a weakness of mine: Stress Testing vs Scenario Analysis - seems so easy but I cant seem to get a single F’ing Stalla question right on them!!!

nice, i barely finish Schweser on time - waaay to many calcs in Volume 1!

For some reason I was able to fly through them both…even the CFAI AM ones I’m able to finish in 1.5 hours or so, but then again I have always been a speedy demon when it comes to test, sometimes to my disadvantage. . .

I just finished this exam too. I am roughly around or slightly less than 50%. Thats really good I think, given that I have 2 more weeks. I just remember when I did my first exam for level 1, I scored about 30 % and it was 1 week b4 the exam. Now my next step is going thru all topics and taking notes. Write down formulas and things… i think i can do it in 1 day.

Dude…over 80%…chill out, you’ll f the curve for the rest of us. Nicely done though!

I’m not worried too much, I’m just worried that I’m going to get tested on everything I’m weak on…This has been my worry for every level though.