Stalla Exams

I have never used Stalla but for those who are - are the practice exams any good?

they have TB calculations

I have same issues. I do not know if it is worth doing stalla. anyone can comment??? any overlap with schweser?

Stalla is really good. They hv pretty much the same difficulty as schweser and you can find some surprises that you never came across with schw. Its good to use their exams too… I tried to take 10 Residual income questions and I was stumped with <40% , but before that I did schw and took an 80. Its not always that stalla’s questions are better, but definitely some of them are…and for most part schw and stall shoudl be on the same level …

I used Stalla for Level 2 and if I recall the 1st exam was the hardest, but that could have been b/c it was always the first one I did…but for 2 and 3 I was getting in mid 80s to low 90s on the Stalla, I did supplement it with Schwesre Book 7 and was getting in mid to high 70s, but that is supposed to be harder than Book 6. So if you Gross that up you get roughly the same as Stalla… Oh and I am using them again this year for L3…if I pass then I will highly recommend it for L3 also :wink: