Stalla Exams

Do any of you guys take these? I use Schweser and have for all 3 levels, but wondering if I should try and take some stalla exams… how do they compare to Schweser and the CFA Mocks… starting from Level 1 I always heard, if you want to pass, use Schweser, if you want to actually know everything, use Stalla what do you think?

I’ve used Stalla for level 2 and level 3. The lecture notes for level 2 were AMAZING. I passed the exam using just those lecture notes. For level 3, I find that stalla covers 80% of the material in the lecture notes (I never bother reading the CFA book or the Stalla condensed books). I’m not sure about level 3 but for level 2, I found the Stalla exams to be easier than schweser and less math intensive. I highly recommend stalla over schweser for learning the material but this could just be personal preference.