Stalla for LII

Apparently the material for LII will only be available in Dec?! I just got an email… If I pass… I definately want to start studying early! Any ideas of when Schweser will bring out the 2008-LII material?

From Schwesers’s site: We will begin taking pre-orders for 2009 CFA Level 1, 2, and 3 Products in July 2008.

Can’t u use the older material at least for some topics which are not likely to change or haven’t changed. We will come to know from CFAI. S

both stalla and schweser usually take the full amount, send you the 2008 material, and afterwards send you the new 2009 material that you have signed up for, once that material is ready. You can talk to the customer service representative. CP

CPK123, I appreciate your posts…keep up the excellent work. I will be paying attention to them especially as I study for CFA L2 2009.

Is there a reason the Stalla materials are so much more expensive than the Schweser materials? Am I missing something?

You will find advantages with both. I’ve never used stalla, but people have posted that their explanations are both longer and better than schweser’s. Some have enjoyed the passmaster more than the qbank, claiming that FSA is much more representative. In the end if you use either as a supplement along with the CFAI textbooks, either should suffice, so if cost is an issue, go with Schweser.