Stalla HomeWork averages

What are people averaging on Stalla Homework that comes with Passmaster? Economics - avg80%

Try a bit harder, and learn the concepts before doing the PassMaster homework. That way, you’ll remain with the concept. Stalla is on the easy side of difficulty. I made it my “mission” to report each error that I find when using PassMaster. English is not my first language, so how should I take this message I got from the Stalla support? "Thank you for submitting your question. You are correct again. Thank you for being so diligent in find the errors. I will fix and update this question. HELPFUL HINTS: focus on the understanding of the problem and answering the LOS and always remember to check our website for updates. We wish you a very successful study year, " Should I stop reporting the errors?

map1, I think this is very complimentary on their part. They are not asking you to stop in any way, form or manner at all. They are asking you to look at the site for errors before hand and to understand the LOS while studying, as useful tips to help reduce the time between your reporting the error and them coming back with a fix, that is all. do not read too much else into this statement. CP

map1, maybe you should get them to pay you.

To me it seems a bit sarcastic, but hey, I got the Stalla advance system for free, as a full scholarship awarded at a free session, so the least I could do is help improve it (even if the error reported is for the selection of the wrong answer when the calculus and explanation indicates as correct a different one, or the calculus using a 35% tax rate when the problem says it is 37%). I REPORT THEM ALL!:slight_smile:

good thing you’re not using schweser - you’d spend all day reporting those types of errors