Stalla L3 question

I have been lurking on this forum during L2 last year primarily for moral support and some extremely useful posts. It is unfortunate to see some very knowledgeable people not passing the very ambiguous test this June. Especially I was surprised to see CPK123 not passing. There is whole thread that goes many pages dedicated to this – so enough on that subject. I know they will make it next year. Question: Does anybody know who is teaching Stalla L3 in NYC. They have scheduled Saturday classes that go all day long. Is it helpful? Who was doing lectures on CDs? I found L2 lectures quite useful as a reviewing tool. I have listened to them 2-3 times. Especially good were Peter O. (FS) and David H. (Derivatives, FI). The one thing was slightly annoying when watching Peter was that he repeats everything twice which becomes time consuming during final reviews. Mr. Olinto if you read this forum, please note that while using PC we can always rewind the tape if needed. So back to my question: (notice L3 bullet format) - Who is teaching live class in New York? - Who is on CDs? Are CDs good for L3?