Stalla Level 1 Users?

Hi Everyone, I’m a Level 1 Stalla user and curious to know how you felt Stalla’s practice exams matched up against the actual exam? They don’t seem to be overly calculation intensive, while the Schweser exams contain several calcs, and seem to be less lengthy with a much more concise fact pattern. Just curious to hear from some fellow Stalla users. Thanks for the help.

I personally felt the Stalla exams were useful, but in order to really gauge what the exam is going to be like, take the mock exams that are given by the institute. The one thing that Stalla does well is that they go through the answers on the mocks, particularly the mock weekend exam…the one with the video by Olinto and Hetherington. Also, I felt that Stalla exams were more calculation intensive than the real thing…just my 2-cents.

The L1 exam wasn’t calculation intensive at all, same goes for L2 and probably L3 as well.

I used the Stalla Enhanced System for Level I and scored >70 every section. The study guides, videos, and pass master database are excellent. I went with the Schweser practice exams and was very satasified. The Schweser tests are designed to not only test your knolwedge, but to help you to review/re-learn the material. I completed the 2 Stalla Mocks, which are different than the practice exams and they were beyond difficult. The questions were 3-4 x’s as long as the actual exam… My combo was the following: Stalla Study Guides Stalla PassMaster Stalla Lecture Videos Schweser Practice Exams Schweser Secret Sauce Worked out quite nice. Complete all of the above and you should be fine.

Yeah I’ve never bought study supplements before but this time I think I’m going to go with: Stella study guides, passmaster, and Schweser secret sauce