Stalla live class

Would anyone here recommend taking a Stalla live 16 week class for level 2 prep? I went to a schweser for Level 1 weekend thing and it seemed decently helpful Thank,

I am going to. I attended a weekly live class for level 1 and found it really helpful. Granted, they can’t cover everything, but they hit the highlights. I think it depends how you learn - I learn better from being in class. Plus, this keeps you on a schedule.

I took Stalla live classes in NYC and liked them. First it kept me on pace doing for the most part 1 chapter a week starting in late January (near Superbowl time). This way I would get myself on a systematic approach. 1. Read Chapter 2. Live Classes on that chapter to go over and clarify topic. 3. Do Homework software. and start over next week on next topic. All this finishes about 3 weeks b4 the exam and you have all this time for review/practice exams/seminar/etc. Passed Level 1 first time, Failed level 2 (#%#%^) and taking it again with Stalla live classes. They don’t charge for classes twice only books if you did not pass and prove to have attended live classes or online. Also the classes provide a network of people who may be able to help and or get to know when exploring the job market. I need this method to stay disciplined, not fall behind and finish with enough time left to go over it all.