Stalla Live Courses

Has anyone taken the Level II Stalla weekly live courses that they regularly offer from Jan to May? Any feedback out there in whether it is worth the $? Thanks in advance

I am going to begin taking it this jan. My employer pays for it so I cant say if it is worth the money or not. However, a cowork of mine took it for level I and he said it helped significantly. Personally I am doing it not so much for the instruction as I am just a weekly measure to stay on track and stay focused.

Stalla sure must not be pressed for business. I have been on hold for 45 minutes trying to reach someone to take my order. Perhaps Schweser answers their phones more quickly???

I also called this afternoon, but was unable to reach anyone because the operator informed me that they were having a holiday party.

HAHA Yah I sent my order to Stalla and there was an issue with it…It’s been 3 days and no call back or email…Starting to think Stalla does not want out business!!! Where are you guys taking the course? What city?

Chicago…and I live 20 minutes from Stalla’s offices…I might have to do a drive by, I mean drive by. :slight_smile:

Stalla is also offering the weekly live courses in Vancouver. Has anyone used their PassMaster software/questions database? How does it compare to Schweser’s QBank software? I’ve been using the online version of Schweser QBank for the last couple of months and I am totally disappointed. I was expecting a lot more questions per LOS but some of the key LOS for topic areas like FSA and Equity had only 3 to 5 questions. I can only hope that Schweser starts adding more questions to their online database in Jan.

I’ve posted this elsewhere but the best money I ever spent to finally pass level II (and then III) was to buy the video CD’s. You can’t ask a CD a question like you can with an instructor but you can always hit the rewind but and replay the CD in May to refresh. It costs some extra $$$ but, for me, it was the key.

Xcel, have you tried creating some exams? There are almost 4,000 Qs. I think you must have only looked at the 3-4 Qs after every LOS…look at the exam function…

Thanks, that helped.

Dear cocfa, Hi! May I know your real name? Which country are you now? Any personal email to reach you? Thanks. Best regards. Kam