Stalla live weekly classes vs. CD-Rom

Just curious of anyone’s opinions on weekly classes vs the CD. I signed up for the weekly classes and I’ve been finding the CDs better.

I took the live classes in L1 last year for the June exam (which I did not pass) and I had the same opinion. I used the CDs on my own for the December exam in L1 and I learnt much better (and I passed). Two things happened in the class which definitely put me off taking the live class again: 1. The teachers were not “Teachers” in the sense of the word. Unlike Peter Olinto, David Hetherington, (and even Bob Stalla) most of them were investment professionals, who knew their subject nonetheless, but were not that communicative in being able to bring out the “life” in the subject to the class. 2. In the class - you also have to deal with a. the smaller time frame b. the number of questions which other students asked – which ensured that the time itself was not completely well utilized. If you also added on the time for the commute to the class itself, and the 3.5 hours you spent in the class - the CD with the ability to rewind, listen and read the book (while the CD was on pause mode) was a much better learning experience, and there was no time wasted for going to the class. That is my 2c. CP

Thanks CP, that is my opinion too - good to hear others agree with me. I thought the benefit of watching the CD on my own time, pausing etc and listening one-on-one to a national instructor who knows how to teach was far greater than sacrificing all the extra time it takes to go to a live class.