Stalla Mock Exam - Live or Self-study CD

I have to make a choice in the Enhanced Stalla program registration regarding Stalla Mock Exam between Live mocks or Self Study CD mocks? Any suggestions which is better and why? Thanks!!!

It depends. Do you want a schedule to be held accountable for? Then do the live mocks. If you are too busy and disciplined enough to keep your own schedule, then do the self study. Also, did you get my email?

i did the live for level 1. it’s a good experience, just to kinda get a handle on test day type stress. but it’s a little frustrating, they go over every single question which gets annoying, so it takes forever. I’m doing the CD for level II.

Hey…yes I did and did reply…you are Kevin H?..I should have connected KJH or is it KHJ. Thanks for the details…Congrats for passing L1. let’s hit L2 now…kinda scared of it though.

I chose the Self Study CD Mock for L1. You have the option of only going over the q’s you got wrong.

Not true. You can do the self mock as many time as you please, after you finish it. Plus the fantastic review. I opted for the self mock for L2, I don’t have 2 days of my time to waste in a room full of people, when I can manage at home.