Stalla Mock Exam

Has any one else done the Stalla mock exam? Beforehand, I was fairly confident and I thought I knew the material pretty well but a lot of the questions I didn’t have a clue on. I scored just above 50%, now I’m worried that after all of this studying there is a good chance I won’t pass. I was wondering if anyone else has taken this and what they thought about it.

Did you take AM or PM?

Just the AM so far. I’m going to go over the answers and then try my luck with the PM.

i actually did the mock at the nyc session a couple weeks ago. the instructor said the AM session is ‘unfair’ they give you too many adjustments on the financial statement question - and he said that the fixed income and the PM questions were ‘tough’ when he polled the room, over 75% of the 200 people there scored less than 60%. so don’t feel bad. i haven’t taken the PM yet (they only did AM and then spent the entire weekend going over those questions) so i can’t tell you if its better or not, if you have specific questions about AM i can pull out my notes and help you…