Stalla mock exam

anybody take the stalla mock - live or CD version? I took it this weekend and scored 73%. Just curious what others think. Seemed way more calculation and time intensive then the CFAI samples i’ve done so far.

not yet, saving that for next weekend. I still want to finish all the practice exams in the practice exam book. I took off work the week b4 the test so I’m to take all those tests over again during that week. Do u feel u learned a lot from the mock?

i did the live one in boston. Biggest thing i got out of it was just forcing me to focus on the material for two 8 hour days

oh so when u do it live, u take one in the morning, then afternoon review. Second day, the other half and then review? I can do it live, but I’m prob just gonna do it by myself then watch the CD for explanations.

I wonder what the pass rates are for someone who took all the practice tests and was getting 80’s and 90’s and passed the Mock Stalla test.

the live one you only actually take one half the test (120 Q’s) thats the morning on saturday. then the rest of saturday and all day sunday, they go question by question through the test you just took with explanations, and question and answer. they give you a book with the 2nd half of the test and answers an explanations for use on your own time. as for pass rates - can’t say. there were roughly 50 people there and they do a quick survey of peoples scores - only 3-4 people broke 70. most were between 50-70. The instructor did say they make the mock - perhaps a bit harder, and more calculation intensive then the real thing based on feedback from past students.

well that’s good. I want the mock test to be extremely difficult so when I’m taking the real test it seems easy/easier.

How long did it take you to do the Mock? I went way over. (Too many calculations)

i finished but barely. I tend to work fast though the two cfa samples i did with an hour to spare. the stalla mock had way more two part and three part calculations then i’d expect to see on the real thing.