stalla mock exam

has anyone tried it ? was it worth doing ? i bought them last year and i have a feeling maybe 80% are the same from last year … well if someone can tell me if they were worth doing them…

So are you saying it wasn’t worth it for last year or that you just don’t want to repeat the same class? Chicago has the Stalla Mock Exam this Sat & Sun.

Hi@‚Œ‚Qdjae I did not take classes but just bought the mock exam. I think they had one mock exam in a book style with few extra dollars. and I thought though they were not as difficult as schweser I found them “essentials that you need to know.” so I thought maybe instead of beating bushes by doing schweser practice exams (which are also almost same from last year) I would do the Stalla mock.

Can anyone tell me what the 2 day exam class is like?

i did the stalla mock exam and crushed the afternoon session with an 80%. the morning, not so much (hosed the first question, that kind of sealed my fate). anyone else have any scores/feedback on this exam???