Stalla Mocks - anyone done these?

Anyone done the 2010 Stalla Mocks? Want to discuss a few things with you. Please reveal yourselves! :slight_smile:

Did them all but I lent the book to a friend in study group so don’t have it with me- what’s up? They aren’t the best exams, FYI.

if you mean the exam book, I did all three. I didn’t find them to be the most excellent exams either.

I actually thought they were not too bad. Stalla Exam #3 Morning Paper had a wealth transfer tax question which I thought was very good. Question was full of words and required us to apply those relative value wealth transfer tax formulae. Did you come across any other similar questions in any other mock exam? This was the only one I found, and I thought it was useful.

Yea I did that one and I agree that it is useful. My issue with them was that I found some of the questions were not as clear as they could be. Some of the answers that were given didn’t include all the potential answers that could have been used. Aside from those two issues, it was good.