Stalla or Scheweser

Please comment which one is better. Thx. Stan68

stan68 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Please comment which one is better. Thx. > > Stan68 ================================= stan68 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Please comment which one is better. Thx. > ““Stan 69 “”””"""" 69 rather than 68 sounds better

i am using schwser , not sure abt stalla .

I used Stalla back when I took Level 1 in Dec 07. No finance background and I passed on 1st try. There is a guy named Peter Olinto who works for Stalla that conducts the lectures in NYC and on the CDs. He is incredible at explaining this stuff!! Also, atleast for Level1 their mock exam is about 10 times harder than the real test.

Information about this can be found using search. The consensus is both will allow you to pass the exam. Stalla is easier to understand and has easier exams than the real one. Schweser is pretty easy to understand, and has harder practice exams than the real one. Just my .02

is there any product (practice exam)_which is like real exam

Yes, the CFAI exams available on their website around October. Those are VERY close to the real exam.

You want the mock exam to be harder, trust me. When I took the 2-day mock at Stalla and saw my results, it made me bust my ass for the last month. That made the difference in my opinion.

Hey Stan68 I’ve used both Stalla (The Enhanced System) and the Scheweser’s SSFA in Winsdor for the L1 prep. Stalla’s study guides and lectures did helped me to learn all the key concepts. As for the mock exams, I’ve used the Scheweser’s exam, its more like the actual exam than the Stalla’s version. At least my company paid for all the courses and exam fees, so cost wasn’t an issue for me but if you have to choose, I’d say Stalla. Stalla’s Passmaster questions do help you retain all the key concepts. Note, I actually did not use CFAI’s curriculum, it was too much for me, but Stalla’s study guide was enough for me to prepare for the exam. This does not mean you should follow the same method. One thing I did for sure is that I’ve kept strict study schedules starting Jan. 08 until the June 7th. Everyday after work, I’ve spent 3 hrs studying; 8 hrs on Sat. & Sun. At least my wife was very supportive, w/o her support, I’d not have kept my schedules and I don’t think I’d have passed. Oh yes, I did PASS the L1 and it was my 1st try. I’ll be enjoying my time off from the studies until the Oct., My wife and I will be off to O’ahu & Maui, Hawaii for 2 weeks to celebrate. L2 study will start Oct., since I was told L2 is way harder than the L1. And I will be using both Stalla (The Enhanced System) and Scheweser’s SSFA in Windsor for my L2 prep.

hugehuj, how much did u score on mock exam , q bank and cfai mock exam

Hi Hugehuj, What is the average hours you slept daily during the weekdays of jan to june 07?

68 or 69

I’ve got 55, 62, and 72 on the Schweser’s mock exams. I’ve also got 72 on CFAI mock exam. Its possible that I didn’t do well on the mock exam due to the distractions I had during the practice mock exams. As for the Stan68’s question, I’ve averaged 7 hrs on weekdays, usually 11 to 6. Like I said, my wife really helped me with the disciplined schedule. All of your efforts will pay off if you put in 100% into your studies. Good luck to you guys on your studies and do wish you guys can join me on L2 in June 09.

HUGEYUJ, i wish i had a wife like that , so cooperative. lucky man you are.

Im going with Stalla. I just like their lectures more than Schweser’s. I have more about this on my blog.

I had the same questions when I started studying, and as I browsed the forum and each website, it was really difficult to diffirentiate. In the end I went with Stalla, mainly because someone I knew was using it and they gave it a very positive review. I purchased the self study package, which came with cd lectures,lecture notes,summary books,flashcards, and the pass master(a question bank). The Stalla lectures are awesome, I was very surprised. Since they are on cd’s you can always go back and view it as many times as you want which is a major benifit to live classes. The passmaster is really good as well, each questions has an explanation as to why each answer choice is correct or incorrect. They also have online resources so you can ask questions if you are unclear about something. Hope this is helpfull.

Hi al21K, Will u sit in the L 1 exam this Dec? Stan68

Stalla is great for level 1 and 2 but I was disappointed in level 3.