Stalla or Schweser for L2 Jun 09 ?

Greetings , I took Stalla (whole package) for L1 and it worked really fine for me. I’m just wondering, since Schweser is the leading prep course for CFA program, shall I shift to Schweser ? cause if Peter Olinto is not in the Stalla system for L2, then I’m shifting to Schweser package. anyone used Stalla for L2 Jun 08 ? Is Peter still there ?

After this year’s test, I think most of the level 2 candidates will tell you to prioritize CFAI material. There was a lot of obscure stuff that study notes just won’t prepare you for. No short cuts… just work through the material (all of it).

Any other L2 vets care to chime in?

I used Schweser and found the material good for a “base”. I would recommend a first read of Schweser. From this first read you can find your areas of weakness. In your weak areas read the CFAI text. Also I recommend doing the CFAI problems in the text. I found the CFAI questions useful… Although, I’m still in the 50-50 camp of success vs. failure. Just my two cent.

Schweser was fine. Don’t agree with bigshibu - Sure there was a leftfield question, but if you know what is in schweser you’ll be fine. There are 20 item sets, so even if one item set was on women’s cricket, then you should still be able to pass, and pass well by knowing the other 95% well. Personally, I found the CFAI text too wordy for my baseline of study. It was good to have it as a backup for when I didn’t quite get a concept. You should always be doing questions on the material you learn - so you’ll be able to identify your weak areas that might benefit from a CFAI once over. Also use the end of chapter questions in the CFAI text. Obviously can’t comment on Stalla. Most people here seem to use Schweser. Edit: Seems CFADevil06 got there first with all the points I was about to make!

Thanks everyone and good luck on the 19th

chrismaths makes a good point. For the most part questions were based on “recognizable” topics (I wouldn’t go as far as saying any of them were expected). But, if I remember, there were only about 6 questions each for Econ and Quant. Getting just one obscure question in one of these areas might push you below the >50% threshold. I say be safe. You may spend several more weeks going over the CFAI material, but it beats another year if you’re under prepared. Plus, Schweser may prepare you to pass the tests, but when it comes time to actually show your boss that you know what you’re talking about… having the depth of the CFAI text may just give you a gold star…