Stalla Passmaster trouble - pls help

Hi all, I installed Stalla Passmaster on my Windows 7 PC. Till the time I had not activated the s/w I was able to see “My Study Plan” option on home screen. Also, i was able to view the videos for SS1 and SS2. But after activating the software (manual activation) I cannot see “My Study Plan” option and also I do not get the “Apply” section on each Study Session subscreen. So I am not able to view lecture videos. :frowning: I uninstalled and installed the software again but the problem continues. Additionally, the s/w set-up count has become 2. I am following up with Stalla online technical support, but no success in last 4 days :frowning: Has any one faced a problem like above with passmaster? Any tips in this matter would be highly appreciated. thanks, TC