Stalla Passmaster Vs Q bank

which is the better deal? ive found that the stalla product dosnt have much errata, how about the qbank I am rewriting level 2 and im just going to reuse my old notes, im operating on the assumption that not much of the CFAI material has changed in the last year.



I knew this has been discussed numerous time, but just want to get a quick comments from the people why they think stalla is better than Q bank? I have been using Q bank for Level I and passed with it. However, I heard that Q bank level 2 is not as good as level 1, just wondering is stalla better? Thanks!

im worried about this, the wifey bought me schweser, but i love the becker/stalla material, i dont wanna mess up a winning formula

Are either one in vignette format?

schweser is