Stalla Passmaster

I have the Qbank, but I want as many questions as poss. Is the passmaster software worth having?

well i don’t think you can get passmaster seperately (i could be wrong) and Qbank has way more questions then passmaster.

Yes you can buy it separately for $475.

What do you guys think about the 2008 Passmaster?Would it make sense to buy that. I realize the exam multiple choice section has changed but the core concepts is what I am focussing on. How much would you buy a 2008 Passmaster for?Just curious as to what you guys think.

Dont previous versions expire? If not then I would definitely be up for buying the 2008 software.

you are setting yourself up if you are consistently going for older material. you would have to spend extra time - both in terms of identifying if the LOS has changed, LOS is same but is required totest something different this year, and most of all, with the older software the 4 choice vs. 3 choice which is going to bring you a lot of surprises come exam time. so it is purely your choice, even if you are able to get around the “expiry” date thing on the software. try and find a friend who has the full material of Stalla. They can install passmaster on 3 machines - use that feature, install it completely on your own machine.

unfortunately I dont know anyone with passmaster. I offered to see if someone wanted to share theirs in return for sharing my Schweser Qbank, but people just slammed me for it… Better to have more questions than none I say.