Stalla PassMaster

Is anyone using the Stalla PassMaster and/or Stalla CD-ROM course? I’m not able to install the software on Windows Vista - it’s working fine on Windows XP, but when I insert the CD in my Vista computer and go to the CD drive, it just freezes the computer anytime I try to run the setup.exe file. According to Stalla’s website, the software is Vista compatible. Anyone have similar problems, and if so, have you figured out how to fix them?

I had similar issues with the CD sound playing on Windows XP last year – when I called up Stalla Technical Support - they were able to help me. You might want to try that. CP

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried calling earlier, but no one answered - I’ll try calling again tomorrow morning.

just uninstall the QuickTIme player on your computer then install the one on the CD from stalla. Do not update the Quicktime player when it asks. THe stalla only works with the older Qtime player.