Stalla Practice Exam Workbook

Haven’t seen too many Stalla users post here. What do you guys think of the exam workbook? The vingnettes are ridiculously short and the questions seem to easier than CFAI’s mock and practice, in my opinion. Are you using it as a measuring stick at all?

I’m a Stalla user and I’m using their books as well. My problem with Stalla is they recycle questions from the end of chapter ones. having said that the time series in #1pm was a good intro and so was the PM in that exam

I’ve used Stalla and Schweser exams. Stalla vingnettes are shorter than Schweser but I think more representative of what I’ve seen in the samples and mocks. Parts of Stalla tests have been much easier but other sections have been more difficult and a really good review. I like using both sets of practice exams to get different kinds of questions. Seems like if you do too many Schweser exams you learn how to start reading into “Schweser” type questions instead of knowing the concept. That being said my scores have been better in the Stalla book then in the Schweser exam book.

do you have Stalla’s mock exam book? - that is much better in my opinion than the exam book that you get. if not too late at this point…