Stalla Practice Exam

Has anyone tried Stalla Practice Exam #2? Is it just me or is it really very hard?

I thought it was very hard. It took me about 3 hrs and 15 mins to finish AM & PM. I somehow got 76% on AM but only 66% on PM.

Practice exam or the mock/review? I haven’t attempted any of the practice… but I did write the AM mock and boy was that hard… I think the goal w/ the mock was to cover as many LOS’ per question as possible. There were some questions that the instructor completed in 10-15 minutes.

I was referring to Stalla Practice Exam #2.

I did AM yesterday. (See my confusion about ethics) I thought ~6 of the vignettes were straightforward. The vignette where we had to restate the IS/BS was a killler (And very unlike real test q’s)

I did exam #1 and got 81% and I completed both sessions early. But as I tried exam #2, I was stunned. Some of the questions require so many steps that I simply cannot believe that they are realistic for the real exam.

SO true!! Today I tried AM section of Exam 2. It seemed so much harder and lenghtier (I couldnt finish it)than the CFA mock a.m exam I took 2 days back. However, I ended up with 73% in Stalla and 68% in CFA mock.

The Stalla practice exams are much more calculation based then the actual exam. Doing the calculation will help drill the concepts in your head. I was scoring 65 to 85 on the practice exams when I sat for L1. I thought the Stalla exams were much more difficult then the real thing. If your scoring 70’s on them you should not have a problem on the actual exam. Don’t worry too much about time as long as your coming in close to three hours. I finished both the AM and PM sections with well over 30 minutes to spare.