Stalla Practice Exam1

AM Section - scored myself between 65-70% PM Section - 78% Any idea how it compares to the CFAI Sample exams?

CC I’ll be doing Stalla #1 this weekend, I’ll let you know how I do.

Stalla did not seem very difficult or tricky…lost a few due to silly mistakes/oversight…and I haven’t take any CFAI yet, which seems to be tricky as per other boarders’ comments.

So was grading teh AM easy? I dont know if I even want to bother grading it, might only grade the PM…

no…it’s hard to give yourself a low score…Ah! common this deserves at least a few points. BTW, wondering if the scores are all whole numbers or do they give out 0.5, 1.25, etc.?

from what I understnad is that they do give partial credit, so i guess its possible.

I agree that Stalla didn’t seem too tricky (I did all 3) but it’s a good learning experience. I only scored 78% on one of them - the rest was in the sixties… but that was 3 weeks ago. Hopefully I would do better If I took it now…

Iwona are you talking about the PM you scored 78% and the rest 60s??? I dont think any of us could objectively score our AM section so I’m leaving it out of the equation. If I do really well on the PM it can make up for a poor score in the morning.

yes I believe it was the test#2 (PM) that I got 78% Morning is hard to score but I try to be tough, if the verbage that I used is not the same as they used (Key words) then I give myself no credit… I have to work on my answers being shorter in the AM thou…

I think mine are too short. I timed myself on the 2006 CFAI exam and finished it in 1hr 40 minutes. For each question I write down the start time and end time. And that’s what I ended up with for total time, which I’m happy b/c I can then go back and add to or rewrite my answers if I have another +/- 1 hour to fix things :slight_smile: