stalla practice exams

Anyone taken them…is it worth to taking all 3 of them (240 q’s per test). And since I don’t have enough time for all 3, would you suggest which one is better/more difficult. I still have Stalla mock exam to do…plus the CFAI stuff ( if am able)… Any input from someone who has taken them plz. wow!!

i’d try to do as many as possible. But they look quite like the passmaster material - it’s at least good to practice time management and the dfficulty of recalling all the topics in such a short space of time. The Mock / solutions is more of a must-do if you don’t have time for both.

D11jod…You mean the Stalla mock or the CFAI mock?

I did the first AM/PM exam. It is very similar to passmaster and not quite like the real thing(more calculations, none too difficult though), but I think any test prep work that you do will be helpful.

I’ve been doin them and I’m learning a lot. I feel now is the time to just keep taking tests, go over your answers and reread the material you’re on unsure about, then go take another test and repeat, repeat, repeat. Eventually you’re going to get comfortable and learn how to approach every question the fastest way possible. The lecturer, I 4got his name, not Olinto, the guy who did Econ said you should take all the practice exams 2 to 3 weeks before the test, take the mock then go back and retake the practice exams over again and u should be getting 90’s. If you are, then there is no reason why u shouldn’t pass. That guy seems pretty damn smart so I’m going to follow his advice as well as take the CFAI mock exams. I CAN’T FAIL!! IT’S NOT AN OPTION!! If it was an option, I’d short it :wink: