Stalla Practice Exams

How is everyone doing on the Stalla Practice exam book? The exams are pretty easy for me. Wonder if anyone feels the same. I’ve been scoring in the 80’s.

They are really easy, I’m not sure why Stalla doesn’t ratchet up the difficulty level on these.

I remember doing one Stalla exam last year. They are very easy. The difficulty level is on par with Schweser Qbank. I would focus on CFAI EOC’s/mocks/samples and/or Schweser Volume 1.

Maybe the schweser exams are too hard, ever think of that? I think the stalla exams are quite good…But of course you should do Schweser volume 1 as well if you have those.

I thought they were mildly difficult - scoring in the 60’s. I plan to retake this week and then focus on CFAI EOC’s next week. No matter…you should feel good cuz either I’m an idiot and need to start worrying or you’re for sure gonna pass. I do think the L1 Stalla material was more difficult though for some reason. Those practice exams took me the full 3 hours. The L2 exams take me 2hrs, max (granted I’m not passing, but I feel once I grasp some of the concepts I’m missing, I’ll score above 70%) and still do it under 3 hrs. I don’t get that b/c I thought the big issue with L2 was time to finish. I can’t tell if I’m more suited for vignette exams because I can read thru the material quickly or what… Does anyone else think timing for L2 is easier/harder?

Timing is hardly an issue for L2, unless you waste a lot of time “making love” to a question.

In defense of the Stalla practice exams, I got the same (72.5%) avg on exam III as I did the CFAI mock. That being said, I got a 65 on the am section of the Stalla exam because I was dumb and rushed through in just over 1 hour. So yeah, Stalla will have to pick up the difficulty next year. While it’s nice to see, I just can’t imagine we’ll see 2 paragraph vignettes on the real exam.