Stalla Question???

Who has used Stalla before and what packages/products do you recommend? Has anyone taken Stalla weekly classroom sessions? And if yes how are they?

its like buying a passing grade

Schweser appears to be more popular, however is it considered widely accepted that it is superior to Stalla? I used Stalla (aka Becker) for the CPA and did fine. And I used Stalla for L1 and I think I did fine. Pending the results of L1 exam, I have been fairly pleased with Stalla. Curious to get people’s opinion before I order L2 material. Schweser certainly seems to offer more flexible methods of studying.

I used both Schweser and Stalla for L2. Passed using Stalla, failed on Schweser. I never studied harder in my life when I used the Stalla stuff, but I think that is a credit to them because it is so well organized. Peter Olinto, one of the video instructors, was just plain awesome. The product I bought was called “The System” and came with notes and videos. Cost me about a grand, but it was money well spent. This year, I get to have my company pay for it!

ID10T, Thanks for the feedback. Maybe what I need to do is get “the system” from Stalla and also get the qbank from Schweser that everyone talks about. Although, I think I might dig the cd-roms and .mp3’s offered by Schweser (for the car, headphones, etc.) that I read about on their website.