Stalla Review Materials for June 09 Exam

Does anyone know when Stalla is releasing their study materials for the June 09 exam? I get busy during early 2009 so I would like to get started with studying later this year.

if you register now they will send you a set of 2008 books to start with and send you 2009 books when they are ready. plus there is a 250$ discount. should i go for it?

Yeah I was looking at that too… has the Schweser material already been released? ( Im guessing no) … Peter Olinto is a good teacher haha he keeps me motivated in a way.

stalla won’t have materials until much later in the year, if not early 2009. for your guide i registered for classes in october of 2007, the shipping confirm for the first batch of L2 books came on jan 8th 2008. second batch shipped jan 29. they are usually still revising/tweaking the study guide late into the year… which is something one has to get used to. i heard L3 materials don’t come until even later!! if you really really feel you want to start early then getting the 2008 materials now is a good idea. can’t expect it to change too much. plus, hasn’t cfai already released the LOSs for 2009? you can see what matches up between 2008 and 20009 and go from there. HTH

thanks misslee

i read somewhere that 30% of LOS are new. if thats true than no point going for stalla