Stalla & Schweser

Did Schweser just announce the purchase of Stalla some 45 minutes ago, or am I missing something?

On Schweser’s site I found this blog where it says “On December 2, 2011, DeVry, Inc. – Stalla’s parent company – announced the sale of Stalla’s assets to the Schweser Study Program –” … “Unfortunately, the timing of this transaction will not allow for the transfer of content from the DeVry technology platform to a new delivery mechanism in time for the June 2012 CFA exams. Therefore, Stalla courses and materials will not be available for the June 2012 exam cycle.” … "If you are a previous Stalla student, we will be reaching out to you directly by phone, letter or email over the coming weeks to provide you with personalized service and assist you with this transition. "

As mentinoed in the L2 thread, Stalla is probably toast for the most part. I was really looking forward to having some more live classes with Peter Olinto, since he was a really awesome teacher. Watching them on video isn’t quite the same.

They were pretty much already the same thing anyway, right? But wow, where is the FTC when you need them?

No kidding; what’s the combined market share of Kaplan/Schweser? I can only imagine how much the cost of these prep materials is going to increase over the next few years! Great incentive to hurry up and finish. If test prep costs skyrocket, maybe that will drive the number of new CFAs down— which would be good for existing CFAs… I guess… sigh…