Stalla Simulated Exams

I figured it wouldn’t be appropriate to throw Stalla Simulated Exams into the Schweiser Practice Exam thread, so I started this one… Any other Stalla participants run through any sample exams yet? I just took my first one, and scored 78% overall. I went back and tabulated results by topic, and found that I am running >50% in all categories, and >75% in all but 3 categories. Quant and Derivitives were no surprise to me, though FSA was. Looks like I need to do some heavy review on ratios and cash flows. The only other two concerns I have about the Passmaster simulated exams are that the questions are similar in composition to the homework, and that some of the questions were borrowed from the homework directly. I think after reviewing the sections I need brush up work on, the next step will be to take the CFAI sample exams. All you Stalla folks out there, how are those simulated exams coming out for you?

They are the same questions that you answer with the passmaster software. I’m not wasting my time, I’m doing the practice tests now. You doing well on that test isn’t a great indicator of how you’re really doing because unless you haven’t done passmaster until now, you have worked those questions before…there are tons out there still to do! Best of luck! I’d save the simulated exams until last — that’s what I’m doing