Stalla study materials?

I spoke to someone this weekend who used Stalla materials for levels II and III and spoke very highly of them. Anyone here have any experience?

Aren’t they bought by Schweser already??

I’ve heard that as well. Their stuff looks different.

I use stalla to practice questions subsequent to finishing each reading. I am using schweser for the studying. I would say that their questions are good in general to test main concepts within the reading but their application isnt as good. For example, once you start the questions set, you cant quit & continue later. Otherwise, you will start over. Their questions are harder than schweser but easier than EOC Qs in the CFA books. I tried to purchase subjects not a full subscription.

Good luck

Azizman- is that the app you are using? How is the quality of the questions on the app? Do you get anything besides questions?

Yodacaia- yes I am using their application on my IPad. Their questions are generally structured as a list like level 1( for some topics, the are a couple of questions that involve reading a case). I would say that the level of difficulty is moderate if I compared them to schweser & CFA. You can purchase specific topic instead of all material ( this was my choice ). I think some topics are free ( ethics, QM, PM ). Notes for each reading are also included ( I do not use them and I hate studying from the IPad).

i think stella only exists in electronic/ app form. can someone confirm?

Nana - yes. I guess it was part of the deal with schweser as they do not provide printable material and/or questions.