Stalla users - "Progress Exams"...?

Stalla users – “Progress Exams” Stalla users (or Scwheser, if Qbank has a progress exam function)… have you taken any progress exams to date? So far I’ve taken 2 (first covered ethics and quant… second covered ethics, quant, econ, and the first half of FRA (SS 7 & 8 only). Result on the first exam was 93% (perfect ethics and 2 wrong quant)… second result was 94% (1 wrong ethics, perfect quant, 2 wrong econ, and perfect FSA)… Trust me, definitely not tooting my horn, as I personally do not think this represents my true understanding of the material. I think I’m making good progress, but by no means do I now 90% of what I’ve covered… just curious if these results are at all indicative of actual exam? Does anyone know if Stalla weights the difficulty of the questions it pulls for the progress exams or simply a random sample (or should I say stratified random sample)…? Last, how is everyone doing on their Progress Exams?

Hey dude, i was thinking of posting the same concern these days lol… well I took 1st Progress Test on all three sessions of economics and got a perfect score…well i like Eco but by means I am a pro in it…i did another test though on Eco and got 83% Sooo passmaster’s progress test is seriously not at all an indicative of an actual exam…I guess it is just to gauge how much you remember…or at the least just to exercise your memory of covered topics…

I am having similar concerns with Schweser tests. I think they are good review, but maybe base your readiness on the official sample and mock exams as they are supposed to be a better representative of the entire process.