Stalla Videos - MIA

Anyone find it nuts that Stalla isn’t able to ship out videos yet and it’s almost February!

They start shipping tomorrow

They better! I’ll be on SS6 next week. That’s 3 lectures I’m behind (3,4,5)! Let’s see at 3 hours a piece plus maybe 1-2 hours for passmaster, that’s 15 hours I’m behind…bastards. Where are you guys/gals at?

Anyone get it. Still not shipping notice!

they sent me a tracking number, so should arrive this week.

Mine should arrive Tuesday. AWESOME! My life is about to end.

yup mine shipped on Friday… you are right bigwilly the partying and shopping is about to cease… boooooooooo

PARTY with Bob Stalla!!! Yee haw!! “Hello, I’m Bob Stalla…”

Oh I hope he is not on the video’s this year!

me tooooo! hehehe

My Stalla videos arrived this morning (Tuesday). Haven’t installed them yet, but I do see them sitting in front of me. There are 3 CDs and 6 slots for CDs, so I guess we’ll be getting the remainder soon. I’m sad that they’ve taken this long, but I suppose that it means they’ve made new lectures for the 2008 material, and that’s a good thing, I think.

Mine arrived today also. I guess the lectures are shorter than in the past?? I think I remember at least 9-12 lecture CD’s for L1 or L2…

are they shiny and new? Oh I can’t wait… thursday ! thursday!

We’ll get the rest of the cd’s in a month or so. This is the way they’ve done it for L1 and L2 (at least in my experience!) I took a peak at the intro session and it turns out…no more Bob Stalla! Dave Hetherington and a new guy will be the instructors!

Poor Bob. He’s a pain to watch, but you can tell he’s probably a nice guy with good, if geeky, intentions. And he did start the whole thing. Not being on the CD probably was probably a bitter pill for him to swallow. But kudos to him for making the right decision and sticking with organizing the material for us.

oh I’m sad… Bob turns me on… :frowning:

Iwona Pass’s new name is Iwona Stalla

hahaha!!! damn right… oh God this thread will give me some nightmares tonight…