Stalla vs Schweser prep material

Many candidates refer to both, but in your opinion, which materials are the best/most important to have from Stalla and/or Schweser? I’ve heard Schweser Qbank is a must. What else would you recommend? Thanks.

the search function is always a nice thing to use, you might find something if youre lucky

For L1, both are adequate. I liked Schweser notes and used them exclusively and felt that they covered all questions on exam. You do have to read them cover to cover though. Qbank is definitely very helpful, but mock exams are even better. Pretty much, more questions you go over, more different tricks you will be prepared to expect. Some questions you just have to see before the test to know what they are asking for. Some people swear by Secret Sauce, but IMHO it wasn’t necessary.

I used Stalla materials. The package included everything from live classes or CD classes, to sample exams, passmaster (sample questions), flash cards, mock exam. That being said… Challenger - you are the only one who can answer the question for you. I know some people who took flashcards with them everywhere. Personally, I did not use them. I know one person who only listened to the lectures and did the passmater (did not read the study guides - which is not recommended). For me, the live class was great, and the passmaster sample questions were the most valuable. Most would agree, the more sample questions (qbank, passmaster, mock exams, practice exams) you do, the better. But in terms of how you retain the info to start with, it depends on how you learn best. I can’t speak about Secret Sauce, because I didn’t use it.

I used stalla, the Cd lectures with Peter Olinto were awesome. Pass Master was really good as well. If your going to get the full package I would say go with Stalla, otherwise either one is about the same I believe.

I used just the Stalla Study Guides and passmaster. I felt well prepared for the exam and plan on buying just the study guides and passmaster for L2.