Stalla vs Schweser, which one?

I have the old 2008 schweser self study someone gave me. Is this too old? I mean how is time value of money going to change that much? All I can think of is that some of the FSA and ethics stuff might change. If 2008 is too old, do you recommend stalla instead? Or new schweser? looks like schweser notes+3 mock exams+2 cfai mocks, should be sufficient. I am currently in the process of reading each one of the CFAI books 1 by 1. Take about 1.5 months to read through each page. Then hit up the schweser notes/mocks. another 1.5 months, should be about 500 hours total

If you have that much time, save you’re money, you should just fine with just CFA books. Once you get into levels II and III, I would buy supplementary study guides.

Thanks Reggie, CFAI is probably the best way to go. The books sure are long though. It’s taking forever to read through them all. Especially the econ book. I read the ethics/quant already, quant is like a repeat of college though.

Stalla = Peter Olinto = awesomeness.

I didn’t want to spring for either stalla or schweser and I’m taking in Dec. I did buy Elan Guides and like it a lot. You might want to look at that…it’s cheap.