Standard 4: the "unpaid" intern

very TRICKY if you intern at a firm and help create software/a screener – the property belongs to them, obviously. but what if you were an unpaid intern and did 95% of the work on that screener/project? Can you take the software back to school and hope to one day use it on our next job? YOU CANNOT. Even though the internship paid you ZERO dollars, the CFAI says the firm compensated you in the firm of work experience…

Rule of thumb, everything you do while you working in the company…stays in the company.

What is so tricky about this! The universal rule is that don’t take anything from employer without their consent. The only thing you take away from an employer, are the skills that you learnt while doing the job.

sorry, just throwing it out there. I wil have ETHICS done by midnight EST tonight and am posting what I consider “nebulous” instances.

damn…I thought this was gonna be a lewinsky joke thread.