Standard Life CIO

Standard Life Investments Inc. reports that its chief investment officer, Norman Raschkowan, has left the firm. In a press release, SLI says that Raschkowan left on October 4 to pursue other professional challenges. “We have already started the process to find a new CIO and, in the interim, have assigned his responsibilities to senior professionals in the firm,” it says. Also, the three senior vice-presidents heading asset classes, Charles Jenkins (equity), Michel Pelletier (fixed income) and Claude Turcot (quantitative management) will report to Roger Renaud, president Standard Life Investments. “The asset mix process will continue to be managed with our team-based approach,” the firm said, adding that Jenkins, Pelletier and Neil Matheson, an economist involved with its global investment group will have the final word on the recommendations of the asset mix strategy committee. “The focus of the investment team clearly remains on providing our clients with exceptional investment performance. We believe that the size and depth of our investment firm as well as our proven team-based approach to investing will continue to deliver attractive and consistent returns,” it adds. I don’t know if this is a “He got canned” e-mail or a “He got a gig doing the same on twice the AUM” e-mail. Joey? Willy

I’m guessing he moved to CIBC…although that’s a BLIND guess. Willy

No idea…

Will…are you developing a cyber-crush on Joe? Plus Joe’s American…I don’t think SL Canada and CIBC are high priority on his radar.

No no, he just provides occasionally interesting posts. Willy

my money’s on “he got canned”

Yeah? I don’t know, he probably “retired” and will surface at another shop. He had 27 years with SLI. Willy