Standing desks and other office changes

I assume most of us are rather desk bound for our various jobs, hobbies, studying habits, etc. I’m starting to get back and neck pain from continuously being hunched over my desk, studying, reading, coding, etc. and wanted to see what some of you have done to make office living a little bit more bearable.

I’m thinking about getting a standing desk from xdesk, but before I drop $3-$4k on it, I was hoping some of you had some suggestions, be it on standing desks, better chairs, whatever.

Standing desk may help your posture in this case but mostly it’s pseudoscience. I go for a walk every hour or so, since the research I’ve seen suggests that’s the proper solution

i make sure to have a nice gangsta lean going on in my chair to make sure my posture doesnt get too bad

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If you’re just sitting on your butt all day, you should be working harder. these same spoiled brats will be whining they didn’t make manager after a year on the job. be happy you have grub on the table :neutral_face:

LOL at you if you’re not a CEO and make $10k/day and forced to sit at a desk instead of in a cushy yacht for 8 hours a day.

Not whining, just asking.

Every time I had to study for the cfa program, I had back problems due to lack of exercise. Your muscles prolly can’t handle your weight. I usually fix this by running an hr a day. I change my seating position a lot from sitting straight to a gangsta lean to pretty much hunched over my mouse when I want to work lazily. Bottom line work out if you want your back to stop hurting!

Agreed. That’s what shocked me about this back pain. I always had a strong back - 1000lb club in the military, was able to ruck like a champ, etc., and it’s office life that does me in? Pfftt… But it’s true. When I went full tilt studying for CAIA these past few months and working longer than normal hours, I didn’t darken the doorstep of the gym at all and now I’m paying for it. I’m only in my late 20’s, so I shouldn’t be paying for it this early.

Oh well, back to the gym it is.

I’m assuming the 1000lb was a combo of squat / deadlift / bench?

Cmon Buffalo how you asking about the thousand pound club

Sleep on the floor, best medicine

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Isn’t there like an entry level desk that you can try out? Maybe it’s because my office is hacksaw, but people here seem to have boring looking normal desks, not nice polished wood ones like xdesk.

Anyway, I think no matter what, it’s worth it to go to with the type of desk where the whole desk rises and falls, not just something where the monitors go up and leave all your stuff on the normal table. Otherwise, you’ll be hunching a lot to reach the stuff.

We have those adjustable desks so you can sit or stand. I guess standing isn’t just about posture but it also burns a lot more calories per day. To lazy to source this, but I remember reading that standing for 3 hours a day for a year is the equivalent to running a marathon in terms of calories burned.

If you’re more concerned about posture, I think the best thing is to sit on one of those big exercise balls. I’ve seen a few women using them around the office.

I have a standing desk and say with certainty it helps. Any new positions i take i will be sure to request one - i think they are only 300 or 400 but that shouldnt matter, make your company pay for it.

The only downside of standing desks is people tend to circle around and talk which can be quite distracting. Im probably one of the worse offenders bc ill either be shadow boxing or hovering over my colleagues when talking with clients.

I can also relate to the pain issues when combining work/studying. I remember when i was studying for L2 i would try and keep my lifting routine but shorten it to 45 minutes usually skipping out on the dynamic stretching/static stretching. I ended up tweaking a disc and pinching my sciatica which left me with tremendous pain for a good 6 weeks.

Moral of this post, have your employer pain for the standing desk and make sure to annoy your colleagues once you get it

varidesk pro is under 400. pretty sure that’s what i have

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Highly recommend!

Standing Lowers Your Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity, using a Standing Desk May Lower Blood Sugar Levels. Standing desk encourages people to spend less time sitting and more time standing. While there are many advantages to using a sit-stand desk, you should keep in mind there’s a reason why we drive sitting down and why some surgeons perform detailed surgery while seated